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How To Quit Porn Without Help

19 June, 2011 (09:27) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

how to quit porn alone


Knowing how to quit porn is hard enough, but it becomes even harder if this is a path that you have to travel alone. Unfortunately due to the secretive nature of an addiction such as this many people DO end up tying to stop an addiction to pornography on their own. This is less than optimal because having someone – ANYONE – to help you quite any addiction makes your chances a lot brighter than without help as you can well imagine. So if you are someone who is trying to quit porn addiction and cannot find help, or does not want anyone involved for whatever reasons, here are a few things to think about that can give you a better chance of success.

Staying Motivated

This is very difficult to do when quitting porn without anyone else there to help you. Even the most self motivated person can find themselves wavering between success and relapse when times get tough, and whatever plans that you put in place to deal with the withdrawals just seem to be hazy and not worth doing anymore. With someone there to talk to, or to keep you on track, your motivation can always be bolstered but without them it can be rough.

So how can you quit porn and keep yourself motivated?

First and foremost is having a plan that you follow and can always get back onto even if you do stray along the way. The second way to stay motivated that could be useful is to have a clear image of what the future will be once you have broken your addiction to pornography. This is essential, it is the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel that draws you ever forward. The problem is that once we hit a tough point we lose sight of this, it is like someone has blotted out that light and left you in darkness.

To keep this light shining you should not just have in mind what this future looks like, you should have it written down. Or have a visual; representation of it. You need something tangible that is proof that you can still see the end result and a better life. When you are left in darkness, this can be that light and motivate you once more!


Another aspect of going it alone is that you do not feel rewarded or encouraged very often. Our brains are wired to respond well to things that we are rewarded for. A reward can be many things though, for some it is a word of encouragement or a “well done”, for others it might be a more tangible thing given in recognition of good work.

When you have someone helping you that is supportive you might feel rewarded each time you talk to them and get some encouragement. You do not get this alone; YOU must be the one to reward yourself for good work with something that makes you feel accomplished. This can feel hollow at first, but it is actually a useful tool. Once you create some milestones for yourself and you reward yourself for reaching them with something small each time you will find yourself wanting to reach those milestones more. It takes some discipline but combined with all your other plans this can really help.

Some people use rewards such as going to the movies, having a nice dinner somewhere, or going somewhere special. Just something that when you are doing it you feel you owe it to your willpower for being here!

Self Assessment

The last thing you need to be aware of when learning how to quit porn alone is that you need to be your own self assessor. This means that only you can judge how far you have come, how far you have to go, how far you might have slipped. No-one else can step in and help, no one else will be able to keep tabs on you and check up on you. You have to have the discipline and strength of mind to be brutally honest with yourself every step of the way.

As with anything you keep in your head, it can be corrupted and twisted when you feel the addiction creeping back though. This means to have a true self assessment you need to be writing things down. Planning it out, making it solid, not just some far fetched dream in your head that you think you are working toward. Keep a diary and use it to help you review what you have done that works, and what doesn’t – no body else will help you unless you find a companion who will be your guide and helper.

If you do not have this sort of person then Stop Porn Addiction Now! is the guide that will help you do this along. Click the link to find out more.

Stopping Porn Addiction – The First Steps

27 December, 2010 (05:47) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

Stopping porn addiction

Stop Porn Addiction!

Stopping porn addiction should be something you are aiming towards if you find yourself spending so much time with pornography that you are damaging your relationships and your mental health. The porn habit can quickly become a full blown addiction, and you may not even notice in fact so it can take some time to realise this damage.

If you have made it through the denial phase of addiction and are looking for a way out though, then you need to start asking yourself some hard questions and looking at the immediate future. The next first few steps can be helpful, or can stop you in your tracks if you do it wrong.

So here are a few first steps you should take to stop porn addiction.

  • Create a Clean Slate – Delete all of the porn on your computer, throw out any DVDs, magazines and other porn paraphernalia. Also clean out the cache of your internet browser, get rid of the bookmarks, cancel any subscriptions and so forth. Make your home and work areas porn free with no distractions.
  • Install a Porn Blocker – This can help you reduce the ease of access to porn on the internet. Any hurdle to make it harder o get porn will help you keep away from it but will not solve the deep internal problems you face.
  • Overcome Fears – This will not be an instant thing but you must start it right away if you wish to succeed. There are many reason you might be afraid to change your habits, but most of them will be smokescreen thrown up by your addiction not your rational brain.
  • Write It Down – I cannot stress enough how important the power of the pen is. Being able to put your thoughts and fears and plans down on paper will help you make the shifting thoughts in your mind real. I recommend a piece of paper and a pen as you go through your stopping porn addiction journey.

There are many more steps you will need to take especially in understanding your root problems that have been the cause of your addiction. These first steps are a commitment to overcoming porn addiction!

Recovering From Porn Addiction – Can It Be Done?

20 December, 2010 (04:15) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

Recovering From Porn Addiction

Recovery Can be Hard

There is a point in a porn addicts life when they begin to peel away the layers of denial and realise they are hooked on pornography and it is damaging their lives seriously. Recovering from porn addiction however can still look like a long and difficult road even when you know you need to stop. It can look so difficult some might wonder if it can be done at all or if their habits are now set and unchangeable.

The good news is that pornography addiction can be overcome because thousands of men and women overcome this problem every year. Some find a help from family and friends, some find help in religion and their religious leaders, some find the strength to pull out of addiction all on their own.

Recovering from porn addiction can be done but everyone who manages it does have a few things in common.

  • The correct motivations
  • The background information
  • A sense of introspection
  • And help, in one form of another.

From there they can make a plan and stick to it which will eventually change your ingrained behaviours to those that are better and more helpful. Each day you step further way from this addiction will kindle more and mroe hope. This in turn will drive your motivations and success to the very end wheer you realise you can live a life withotu porn forever.

If you are addicted to pornography and are looking for a way to recover but are unsure of how to go about it, how to gain control, and how to stick with a porn free lifestyle, then click below to read my ebook on the subject and get the power to be free.

Stop Porn Addiction Now!

Porn Addiction Symptoms to Beware of

13 December, 2010 (10:25) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

porn addiction symptoms

Be Aware of These Symptoms!

There are many porn addiction symptoms that occur if you are habitually using pornography. This post could be useful if you think you might be an addict to see what it truly entails, or if you have a loved one you are worried about who might be enmeshed in pornography.

  • Time Drain: Porn addicts tend to waste a huge amount of time searching for more and more porn that turns them on. Hours can pass as they indulge themselves. If you are in a relationship this time usually need to be hidden leading to more stress and secrets.
  • Missing Funds: An addict begins not to care about getting porn for free but will start to pay for it. Subscription sites, strippers, DVDs, and all other manners of products and services will seem needed to keep their addiction interesting.
  • Low Sex Drive: Sometimes the continued masturbation can lower the sex drive of a sex addict. This can be incredibly hard to deal with in a relationship of course, but even single porn addicts suffer as it can lower their desire to seek out real human companionship.
  • Increased Sex Drive: Conversely some porn addicts seem to kick their sex drive into overtime due to their porn addiction. What good sex is however often becomes twisted and fake because of the unrealistic expectation they have due to porn.
  • Depression: Depression is common amongst addicts of pornography. The lack of control in an addicts life combined with the shame they feel due to this lack of control can make them depressed, sad and angry at themselves.
  • Low Self Esteem: Your idea of self worth can sink lower and lower as you feel the shame of being addicts to porn. The unrealistic sexual expectations due to porn stars can also influence your self esteem as well
  • Misogyny: The world of porn is a male dominated one where humiliation of women is widely shown. The level of disrespect of women in porn can cause many people, especially younger men and boys, to start believing this treatment of women is normal. This kind of misogyny can affect anyone who views it enough times though.

Again this is not a comprehensive list of porn addiction symptoms, but it does cover most of the big ones you will likely see or find yourself showing.

What is Porn Addiction?

5 December, 2010 (09:39) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

What is Porn Addiction

What is Porn Addiction

I thought I would make a blog post defining just what is porn addiction. This may seem obvious to some but it might be a little further reaching than many may think – and become more dangerous to relationships and mental health than you might also think.

Pornography addiction is when a person feel they need porn to function or be happy. It is more than just a habit or a past time though, an addiction is when this behaviour become destructive as it interferes with other parts of your life. It is when you feel you have no control over your actions in regards to pornography.

This is what characterises addiction, that even though you feel you need to quit something like porn or any other behaviour or substance, you find yourself back there again like you have no real control of your life.

However just what porn is can be an eye opener. It can also cross over with sexual addictions making this even more confusing. Porn can take the form of:

  • Internet Pornography – The most common of all porn as it is all over the internet and so easy to find that you can be drawn in at a moments notice
  • Strippers – This is more approaching real life, since this is not sexual interaction though it is still in the realms of fantasy and sexual fulfilment like porn is – but it is costly and can lead further to paying for sex which goes beyond simple porn addiction
  • Virtual Sex – Text chat, exchanging picture, cam sex and so forth with a real person online is within this realm and that can again lead to going beyond digital titillation to become meeting with people and infidelity.
  • DVDs – Perhaps becoming less prevalent due to the internet but porn addicts stack many DVDs of their favourite porn.
  • Magazines – Again, superseded by the internet but porn magazines are still an incredibly easy to access for of porn.

If you feel that you have no control, or very little control over yourself when it comes to any of these things then you may be addicted and should seek help immediately before things get worse and porn addiction turns into a sex addiction where you begin to implement those fantasies with women and prostitutes if you are or are not in a relationship.

What Causes Porn Addiction?

28 November, 2010 (05:30) | Pornography Addiction | By: admin

what causes porn addiction

Causes of Porn Addiction

Pornography addiction is a relatively new phenomenon primarily spawned from its ready availability on the internet. However we cannot simply blame the internet for this, there are many reasons behind addiction – but what causes porn addiction specifically?

The answer might not be as cut and dried or as widely varied as some might think. There are some root causes of addiction that will tie into any addiction either behavioural or chemical. There are also a few very telling psychological root causes of addictions as well as a few that might be a little more unique to pornography addiction.

Addiction Causes – Physical

Addiction is caused mostly by repeated action of something that gives you a high, be it a behaviour, or a substance. This repeated action and high anchors that behaviour into your mind and soon the body starts to expect this high at certain times. This anchoring is a part of all addiction that can also lead to withdrawals which makes it hard to leave this behaviour.

Addiction Causes – Psychological

There are also many psychological root causes that are shared across a lot of addictions such as:

  • Depression – Addiction can cause depression but it can also be a root cause of it as well. The need to feel high and good, or live some sort of a fantasy away from the depressed state you are in can drive you to some sort of behaviours or substances – porn is no exception.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety and panic can lead to some people seeking something that can calm them, or something that can make them forget their worries or a time. This constant need can be very debilitating and lead to addiction.
  • Low Self Esteem – Low self worth is tied into both depression and anxiety with a lot of the same reasons. Escape from reality, a high they think they need, a lack of confidence to get happy in more healthy ways.

Porn Addiction Causes

There are a few causes of porn addiction that are quite unique to this particular brand of addicting behaviour.

  • Poor Sexual Relationships – Sometimes in a long term relationship the sexual side starts to falter and rather than fix this, some men and women find it easier to use porn to satisfy their desires. This becomes a dangerous cycle where porn becomes the preferred method of sexual gratification.
  • Young Start to Porn – More and more pornography addiction is a pervasive force in a person life because it has started at a very young age. The repetition of this activity which may have been thought to be harmless can become a full blown addiction as the growing brain incorporates it into its daily routines.
  • Sexual Rejection – Sometimes the easy sexual fantasy of porn is easier to deal with than rejection. It can become an easy escape from the difficulties of dating and seduction which can then permanently hinder your efforts in the future.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, just general overview of some of the causes of porn addiction that beset both men and women.